Diesel oil separator North Sea oil field development

The diesel oil separator package has been designed and constructed by DSE Oil and Gas for a new area development in the UK central North Sea, executed and operated by a major UK oil production company. The purpose is to clean up diesel oil in a hazardous area.

The package consists of

  • A pre-heater skid, including feed pumps
  • A diesel centrifuge skid

Untreated diesel oil is fed to the feed pumps. The feed pumps discharge the untreated diesel via the pre-heaters and interconnecting lines to the diesel centrifuge skid. In the centrifuge, three-phase separation takes place by the influence of the centrifugal forces. (solids-water-diesel oil).

video diesel separator construction


Client: Major UK oil production company

Capacity/power: 2 x 10 m3/h / 2 x 7,5 kW, pre-heaters: 2 x 70 kW

Dimensions: 4000x3000x3000mm

Construction: Carbon steel / SS316

Delivery: 2012