lube oil centrifuge separator

Lube oil treatment

Custom designed and built lube oil separators

DSE lube oil centrifuge packages are available in fit for purpose sizes and capacities. The package configuration can be adjusted to customer specifications.

Our lube oil purification packages are typically equipped with:

  • Self-cleaning conical stacked disc type centrifuges
  • Lube oil outlet pressure control manifold
  • LCP / UCP fit for fully automatic control including required alarm and measuring point
  • Heaters for conditioning of the lube oil
  • Feed pumps for the lube oil
  • Filters

Clean lube oil

Clean and pure lube oil helps to protect engine equipment. It reduces friction and wear. Our lube oil purification systems remove the contaminants that may occur in lube oil along the operation. These include condensate, sludge, metal particles, and other solids.