DSE diesel oil purifying system

Diesel oil treatment

Custom designed and built diesel oil separators

DSE fuel oil centrifuge packages are available in fit for purpose sizes and capacities. The package configuration can be adjusted to customer specifications.

Our diesel purification packages are typically equipped with:

  • Self-cleaning conical stacked disc type centrifuges
  • Diesel outlet pressure control manifold
  • UCP fit for fully automatic control including required alarm and measuring point
  • Heaters for conditioning of the diesel
  • Feed pumps for the diesel
  • Filters

Clean oil for a reliable operation

Clean and pure diesel oil, or fuel oil, is vital for a reliable operation of engines and generators. Our installed purification systems are used at offshore locations like production platforms, FPSOs, FSU’s or CPFs.  During operation, diesel oil can become contaminated with small solid parts, like dust and metals and condensation. Unclean diesel oil can result in corrosion or malfunction of the equipment.  Our purifier systems with disc stack centrifuges clean up the oil by separating solids and one or two liquid phases.