Power quality study

Power management

A great deal of fires and other hazards are initiated by electrical problems. Sudden disruptions, damaging of products, reduced operating lifetime, and early replacement of equipment can be caused by a poor power quality.

DSE Oil and Gas offers onshore and/or offshore electrical power analysis services and solutions, enabling operators to cut down costs both in electrical infrastructure and power-consumption. 

DSE Oil and Gas can support you with:

  • Power quality survey
  • Power system verfication study
  • Network design
  • Power quality equipment integration
  • Training and education

Improvement of asset safety and reduction of environmental footprint

A good power quality will increase the safety at your installations and pays for itself through energy savings, often diesel. This is not even considering the prevention of malfunctions and extending equipment lifetime.

Apart from the cost aspect, a reduction in the energy consumption also has an environmental aspect. The generation of power, brings along emissions of CO2 and NOx, and leads to exhaustion of the earths’ sources. Energy reduction consequently leads to reduction of environmental load.