About us


About us

Separation solutions

DSE Oil and Gas is a flexible independent supplier of separation solutions for the oil and gas industry. Based on field proven technology, DSE Oil and Gas develops and supplies process skids for the separation of oil-water-solids and gas-water-solids.

DSE Oil and Gas offers a unique combination of system integration with proven and accepted premium technology, and high-tech process instrumentation and control systems. ....Read more

Energy management

DSE Oil and Gas offers onshore and/or offshore electrical power management and power generation services and solutions, enabling operators to cut down costs both in electrical infrastructure and power-consumption. Further improvement of asset safety and reduction of environmental footprint are additional benefits. ....Read more

Engineering and services

DSE Oil and Gas’ dedicated engineering and services division executes onshore and offshore projects. ....Read more


DSE Oil and Gas is ISO 9001:2008 and NEN 4400-1 certified and a FPAL registered supplier.